What is Peñafiel?

Peñafiel - Since 1928

Peñafiel is water. Sparkling water. In fact, it’s the most celebrated sparkling mineral water in Mexico since 1928. And now, it’s available in the U.S.

How do you pronounce it?

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José María Garci Crespo de la Vega and Carlos Silva are our visionary founders. Enchanted by Tehuácan, the celebrated region in Mexico known for its rich biodiversity, they were inspired by refreshing mineral water flowing from an immovable volcanic rock. They called it “peña,” meaning boulder, and “fiel,” meaning faithful. From this inspiration, Peñafiel was born. Now, 95 years later, you can taste Mexico’s history in every sparkling sip.


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Tehuacán sparkling mineral waters.
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