Peñafiel Products

Discover an assortment of
refreshing sparkling waters.

Peñafiel Agua Mineral

Unflavored Sparkling Mineral Water 600 ml/20.3 oz

The classic, crisp, refreshing water that started it all. 0 calories, no sweeteners, and sourced from Tehuacán for over 70 years.

Peñafiel ToronjAda

Grapefruitade Mineral Water Beverage 600 ml/20.3 oz

The great taste of grapefruit and the bubbly refreshment of sparkling mineral water.

Peñafiel LimonAda

Limeade Mineral Water Beverage 600 ml/20.3 oz

The perfect match between sparkling mineral water and incomparable tangy lime flavor.

Peñafiel NaranjAda

Orangeade Mineral Water Beverage 600 mI/20.3 oz

Splashes of orange flavor make this sparkling mineral water pure citrus refreshment.

Peñafiel PiñAda

Pineappleade Mineral Water Beverage 600 ml/20.3 oz

An authentic, tropical blast of pineapple flavor made with a splash of juice concentrate.

Peñafiel Manzanita

Apple Mineral Water Beverage 600 ml/20.3 oz

Sparkling water meets crisp, flavorful refreshment with Peñafiel Manzanita.

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